Built for comfort and durability

That simple sentence sets the tone for how we go about choosing materials for our Milwaukee Mattress products and our Ken Michaels upholstery line. Products like 100% pure Joma wool from New Zealand. This cushioning layer is naturally cool in the summer and provides comforting warmth in the winter. By mechanically crimping the fiber we add memory recovery to the fiber, thereby improving what nature has already given us.

From fashionable covers to the finest quality innerspring units, natural latex and foams, our line of mattresses offers superior performance, comfort and durability. Our Ken Michaels line of upholstery is manufactured in the USA. For over 100 years this 4th generation family owned manufacturer goes about their business the same way. From utilizing the best from the past and incorporating new advancements in technology we are providing our customers with the finest upholstery product available. But it takes more than great materials to make a good product. Our employee partners take pride in their workmanship. With a history of 2 and 3 generations of family members working together, we handcraft our mattresses and sofas one at a time, with pride, just for you. We cap it all off with one of the finest Limited Warranties for your peace of mind. You can rest assured that you have chosen one of the finest mattresses or upholstery pieces on the market today!

Thank you for choosing Ken Michaels Furniture!
Michael E. Dethloff
2nd Generation President