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August 28th - September 9th

All Ken Michaels Upholstery on Sale!

Comforatable sofas, roomy sectionals, beautiful accent chairs - all custom tailored in over 850 fabrics and leathers and ready to ship in 35 days!

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Ken Michaels Furniture - Family Owned & Operated

Family Owned & Operated

Kenneth W. Dethloff learned the mattress industry working for Sealy after World War II. In 1947 Ken and his wife Margaret pooled their resources, borrowed money, and bought some land and a barn in Pewaukee. They purchased used mattresss machinery from Sealy, and founded Pewaukee Mattress. From these humble beginnings Ken and Margaret grew the business - they built a new factory and store in Pewaukee, and established three retail stores in Milwaukee. During these years after the war, Ken and Margaret had four children, Ken, Frank, Michael and Margaret. In 1959 they sold this business to two of Margaret's brothers. Ken then worked for Stein's Kosciusko Furniture for a year.

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