At Ken Michaels Furniture, we offer our clients the ability to create unique pieces of furniture that will perfectly suit their style. Below are a few of the choices available to personalize your next purchase.
  • What material do you like? Choose from thousands of fabrics and premium top grain leathers, from solids to patterns, casual to formal, and in any color you could possibly want to fit your style.
  • Need a certain color for any wood trim or legs on your piece? Pick from 8 standard wood finishes or an additional 13 specialty finishes to compliment your decor.
  • How firm do you like your seat cushions? We let you select your seating comfort level from 6 different options. You can opt to stay with our standard cushion or go with the optional firmness of semi-firm, firm, extra-firm, spring and down, or comfort down.
  • Do you like a firm or soft back? Select your back support level from 3 different options. You can stay with a standard back or go with an ultra plush or extra firm back.
  • How many cushions do you like? On a lot of styles, we can customize how many seat and back pillows are on the piece you are interested in.
  • Do you like nailhead trim? You have the option to add or delete nailheads from many of our styles. If you like nailhead trim, then you have the choice or four different colors including silver, pewter, antique brass and brass.
  • Do you like the idea of a contrast welt or buttons? You can decide to do any welting or buttons on a piece in any fabric you wish to, and with some styles, you can even do the welting in leather.
  • Do you like mixing multiple fabrics or fabrics and leathers on one piece? If you do, just let us know how you would like to mix and match pieces and we will do the rest.
  • Want to add another print on that sofa with throw pillows? Almost every style in our line comes with throw pillows that you can do in any fabric you wish. If you want to add fringe or decorative cording to your pillows, we have many options available.
  • Does the piece you like have a skirt but you would prefer a leg? Just let us know, and we can show you the options for changing from a skirt to legs.
  • Do you like luggage stitching? If you do, feel free to add it to any of our styles, and even use a contrasting thread color for a totally unique look.
  • Do you like bullion fringe? If you like long fringe around the base of a piece, let us know and we can add it.
  • Want to change the style of skirt on a piece? We have different options in skirts available, so just let us know what style you like.
  • Would you like a different leg on a piece? We have many optional leg styles to choose from, and will be happy to show you all the options available.
  • Want to change the arm on the piece? Some styles offer you the ability to choose what style of arm you would like to have on a piece. Simply ask and we can let you know what is available.
  • Found the perfect fabric already, but not the piece you like? Stop in and talk to our designers. We can use fabric you supply to make up your piece, or let our design staff show you many other options available regarding finding the perfect fabric.
  • Not liking any of the materials offered? We allow customers to source their own fabric or leather for an additional cost.
  • Do you like your chair to move? If you do, it is possible that we can change the legs to a swivel or swivel gliding base.